Our +: activities and challenges games

As a designer, manufacturer and manager of high altitude aerial park (PAH), we also have developed original activities and challenge games that can be done at ground level as well as up high.

If you want to attract a corporate clientele and offer them a unique experience, we can respond to your request.

We design and build ground or air challenge courses to further diversify your employees’ experiences.

Non-exhaustive list

  • Dual course: 2 identical courses in parallel, the participants compete in a relay race
  • Football or Basketball in TrampÔforest® parks
  • Cabins on ground level or up high
  • Pitchoun course (2-3 years) enclosed playground
  • Game challenges: Knot box, tightrope, blind run, climbing block, surprise path
  • Nature walks for small children
  • Treasure hunts for young children