The Forest Adrenaline Park consists of 17 aerial courses designed for all ages and skill levels.
We have areas for children as young as 2 up to the most daring adult climber.
You are assured of 2:30-3:00 hours of uninterrupted activity. There is something for everyone here!

Jump, swing, and zip line on the ropes  starting from 1 to 17meters high.

Choose what you prefer, high trails, challenges,obstacles or zip line. Our diversity of activities keep you on an adrenaline high!

For all levels

Our motto is “something for everyone”.
No matter your skill or daring level there is a feat that will challenge you. There are 5 difficulty levels of aerial trails: “Pitchoun”, “Kid1”, “Kid2”, “Junior,” “Adult”.
Adventurer, athletic or nature lover, you are all welcome here!

For all family

Come to join us for for a wonderful day of family fun full of laughter, camaraderie.
The treetop adventure course is the best activity for a family experience, where adults and children will spend exciting times together  encouraging and helping each other.
While the little ones develop motor skills and balance and older ones get a fun-filled workout.
Come create and share a memory for even the next generation.