We are happy to announce that Corsaire Aventure once again be able to welcome you.
We can’t wait to see you!

COVID / Health Pass

Due to legal uncertainty, we are unable to answer your questions regarding the health pass. At the moment we are accepting ALL of our customers until further notice

Enjoy and have fun while respecting barrier gestures and protocol.

Our activity and our site are conducive to social distancing. Indeed, the safety induced by tree climbing is to have only one person per game and per platform. In addition, the paths in our forest are numerous enough to circulate in complete fluidity and security.

Here are the mandatory conditions for practicing the activity

  1. We strongly recommend to book your places (website, telephone) in order to better manage the flows and to be able to welcome you in the best conditions. Places are limited for the respect of barrier gestures. The earlier you book, the more additional departures we can open !! We are counting on you!
  2. Wearing a mask is MANDATORY FOR ALL at the reception / equipment / briefing / initiation / disequipping level and in the event of intervention at height by one of our operators. The rest of the activity does not require the mask. Masks are sold at the reception at the price of 0.30cts.
  3. Thank you for favoring payment by credit card. If by check, provide your pencil. Only one person can go to the cash desk to pay for the activities. The other members of the family are set back 1m so that we can still check the participants’ size and proper attire.
  4. Respect the safety distances between each household as well as the markings and the information panels.
  5. Wash your hands very regularly. Hydroalcoholic gel is available at several places within the park.
  6. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue and use a disposable tissue.
  7. The snack (drinks and cakes) is open.
  8. Health services recommend people at risk to limit outings to the bare essentials. The park is a healthy but not vital leisure activity. The same is true if you live with fragile people. If you are sick, please postpone your reservation.

Thank you for being understanding about the organization of the activity: with this new protocol, we cannot accommodate as many people as before and we have decided to reduce the capacity of the park:

  • the reception, the dressing, the safety briefing, the initiation will be done with the respect of the barrier gestures and will therefore sometimes take more time than usual.
  • If you have not booked, you may be waiting to start the activity, or we may not be able to welcome you at all, which would be terribly frustrating for you and for us.

The commitments of the Corsaire Aventure park

  1. Regulation of the flow of visitors at the cash desk, in the equipment area and in the initiation area in order to maintain social distancing.
  2. Our team is equipped with masks and / or protective visor and regularly wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  3. Physical distance markings on the ground are present in places of possible influx.
  4. Our payment terminals are cleaned regularly.
  5. Our cleaning procedures are reinforced and collective surfaces frequently disinfected. We do our best to keep the park as clean as possible; however, if you notice a problem, please report it to our teams.
  6. The harnesses and gloves will only be used once a day.
  7. The park will not increase its prices despite the investments that have been made to allow everyone to have fun in complete safety.

Coronavirus Information