Rest & Relaxation

Once you hail land again you will find safe haven for your well deserved rest.

At the port there is everything you need to have a snack or your picnic lunch which you will need to pack before you head out on your adventure. Especially if you are planning on having a full day at Corsaire Adventure Park. Don’t forget to bring drinking water as in this remote hideout there’s only a spring and you need your own water bottle. This hideout is the century old Fort Vauban a perfect setting for pirate adventurers. The Park Corsaire Aventure is located in the heart of an 18th century Fort Vauban, where you will discover a magnificent and perfect setting to enjoy a meal in the open air.

Our picnic tables are at your disposal. You will not find any restaurants or stores nearby. The bar of the Harbour office offers you hot beverages, soft drinks and a selection of chocolate bars to give you strength for your adventure. You can simply enjoy a quiet moment in the heart of Fort Saint-Père before going to brave the storms.

Attention: We do not have a drinking water on site. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle.