Tree Climbing = 100% Adrenaline, 100% safety

Your safety is our priority! Tree climbing is a game but safety is not. The Forêt Adrénaline park in Rennes is constituted of 17 courses equipped with a continuous lifeline: Without ever unhooking yourself, climb to the top of the trees, slide on the ropes, jump, step over, and, most importantly, have fun!

Enjoy an unforgettable experience of more than 2 hours!


We equip you with a harness, carefully chosen from renowned and recognized manufacturers in the profession: Petzl, Camp, Black Diamond, Vert voltige…. Helmets and gloves are no longer mandatory in our park and therefore not provided. You can bring your own equipment (helmet and gloves) if you wish.


We guarantee you a quality supervision: the staff is a graduate of the Professional Qualification Certificate of Operator of Acrobatic Courses at Height (CQP OPAH). they are at your service to provide you with safety instructions, advise you and is ready to intervene anywhere, at any time.

The operators also have the level 1 Prevention and Civic Relief Certificate (formerly AFPS). Finally, some of them have additional diplomas: state certificate, climbing diploma recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport, BAFA…

Continuous Lifeline

Since 2016, we equip you with harnesses using the continuous lifeline system. Once the course has begun, it is impossible for you to detach yourself. Only the intervention of one of our operators can allow you to descend in the middle of the course.

safety - continuous lifeline

Security Inspections

Our site is inspected every year by a professional forester, a game control expert and we are regularly audited by the DDCS. In addition, we have an approval from the academic inspection every year.

Other information

  • The park is equipped with marked evacuation routes
  • In case of rain, the activity is still practicable safely
  • When there is a risk of thunderstorms, rare in our region, we follow the weather conditions in real time and evacuate if necessary