Tree climbing activity in Rennes is possible for everyone from 2 years old at Forêt Adrénaline!

Are you looking for an original outdoor activity located in Rennes? Do you want to discover or rediscover the tree climbing activity? Come pay us a little visit! At the Forêt Adrénaline park, children, from 2 years old, can practice tree climbing!

Welcome to the World of Pitchouns!

Accessible between 2 and 3 years old

Little climbers in the making, come discover the joys of tree climbing on our Pitchoun course from 2 years old! The activities have been designed so that you can help your child without climbing on the course!

This recreational course is reserved for the little ones, under the admiring eye of the older ones! The activities are designed so that you can help your child without climbing on the course. Thus, with or without help, your child will be completely reassured and will evolve by taking their time throughout the various activities. There is even a small zipline!

The children are fitted with a harness with double carabiners, then the operators will give you some safety instructions to practice the activity in complete safety. A total of ten fun activities are available at 1m above the ground. They will be able to familiarize themselves with height and develop their motor skills.

The squirrel cage

The children have access to a trampoline on 3 floors!

Without a harness, they can jump, laugh, have fun, let off steam in complete freedom, bounce in all directions, before taking the little slide… and going back!

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Cylindre Pitchoun
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Kid 1 courses from 4 years old: Little climbers get high!

Accessible to everyone from 4 years old

From 1 to 5m high, the Kid 1 courses, from 4 years old, are designed and built for young children.

All equipped with a continuous lifeline, our 5 courses are 100% safe. Of increasing height and difficulty, they allow children to learn the practice of tree climbing, while having fun and progressing at their own pace. Swings, monkey bridges, slides, and even zip lines await you! Parents can climb with their children, so the whole family can enjoy a day together!

The Kid 1 courses are accessible to all, young and old, children and adults. Whether it is to warm up, to have fun, to accompany the youngest or to relax after a more difficult course, you are all welcome on our 5 green courses!

Kid 1 Courses (Green)

  • Marmotte
  • Loutre
  • Ouistiti
  • Koala
  • Iguane

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tyrolienne pitchoun

Kid 2 courses from 7 years old: Onward acrobats!

Accessible to everyone from 7 years old

For young people but also for adults, don’t miss our Kid 2 courses, accessible from 7 years old. You have access to 5 blue circuits. They are a good alternative between the Kid 1 and Junior courses. Increasingly difficult without being too arduous, you will find what you are looking for!

Thanks to our trusty lifeline, your experience in the trees is completely safe.  Feel free to let yourself slide down on 180 meters of zip-line over a lake! And find yourself in a unique activity like skating from tree to tree! Jump in a net or simply walk on a cable, all in the middle of a forest.

Our Kid 2 courses are excellent for “reckless” children, relaxed parents, beginners who wish to push their limits, experts who wish to warm up or just enjoy themselves in the treetops.

The Duel course

A little originality, challenge your friends and loved ones on the Duel: an identical and parallel double course where you will have to succeed in passing through the obstacles as quickly as possible, alone or in teams. Pushing and swinging the opponent, Anything goes!

Come and try it now!

Kid 2 Courses (Blue)

  • Écureuil
  • Panda
  • Lézard
  • Tyro
  • Duel

People with access to the Kid 2 courses also have access to the Kid 1 courses

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Junior courses from 10 years old: For the brave, higher and higher!

Accessible to everyone from 10 years old

Our 3 junior courses, from 10 years old, are reserved for relaxed, agile and adventurous climbers. Between ladders, zip lines, suspended nets and other unusual challenges, the red courses go up to 13m high and overlook the park.

A short walk at the treetops with our zip lines, and thrills on mobile exercises, you will become accomplished acrobats!

Junior Courses (Red)

  • Chimpanzé
  • Serpent
  • Gibbon

People with access to the Junior courses also have access to the Kid 1 and the Kid 2 courses

parcours iguane
enfant de couleur tyro.

Adult courses from 14 years old: Welcome adrenaline lovers!

Accessible to everyone from 14 years

The adult courses, from 14 years old, are the highest and most difficult of the park. They are accessible to adults and experienced teens. Warm up first on the blue and red courses, before facing our black courses…

Adrenaline packed courses which will require from you every ounce of strength and determination combined with fearlessness will give you the energy to master these challenges. And doing all this 17m from the ground will give you an adrenaline rush like you’ve never experienced.

The Guépard, Panthère Noire and Girafe aerial challenges await you. Dare to do these demanding courses: slack line, Tarzan’s jump, skateboarding and the terrifying Base Jump…

Adult Courses (Black)

  • Guépard
  • Panthère Noire
  • Girafe

People with access to the Adult courses also have access to the Kid 1, the Kid 2 and the Junior courses

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parcours chimanzé le mur