Our engagement

Adventure Park on the theme of biodiversity and sustainable development, Forêt adrénaline, sensitive to the preservation of the environment, is involved in the creation of the association Adventure MENEC in 2005 (Maison des Energies, de la Nature et de l’Environnement de Carnac ) which aims to:

  • Minimize the impact of the park’s activity on the environment by maintaining a quality service.
  • Promote eco-citizenship to customers through awareness raising.

Our premises: offices, workshops and reception building

  • Building “high environmental quality”, completely removable.
  • Highly preferred ecological materials: wood wool, cellulose wadding, untreated wood are recyclable, reusable and natural materials.
  • Dry toilets and composting of solid by-products.
  • Recovery of rainwater.
  • Bins sorting.
  • Low consumption bulbs.
  • Heating the wood.
  • Shopping focused on local products and short circuits.
  • Composting center of our vegetable waste

Our consumption patterns

  • We reuse paper (gross use) and prefer to use recycled paper.
  • We limit paper printing and encourage sending documents electronically.
  • We promote the sale of fair trade, local and low sugar / calorie products (organic sorbets, fair ice cream, local drinks)

Our displacements

  • We promote carpooling, phone appointments instead of physical appointments.
  • We use electric vehicles for commercial prospection on the Pays d’Auray in season

Our construction methods

  • Use of untreated natural wood,
  • Optimization of displacements,
  • Local suppliers close to the yards,
  • Recycling materials
  • Wooden petal platforms (designed and developed by Forêt Adrenaline) respectful of the tree and fixed by means of belts to avoid any risk of contraction. The latter can develop without worries.

Our eco gestures that raise awareness

  • Exhibition “Yann Arthus Bertrand” proposed by Goodplanet. It deals with all forest themes.
  • “Volée de Piafs” exhibition on the themes of fauna and flora.
  • Awareness on the treatment of waste through sorting bins showing the meaning of logos and compactors.
  • Pedagogical paths on the theme of sustainable development.
  • Discounts attributed to guests coming to the park by bike.

A small gesture can change everything!

You will find recycling bins on site, we ask you to pay attention to your waste.

  • Do not throw papers on the floor
  • Throw recycling (cartons, bottles, cans …) in the bin provided for this purpose
  • Other waste in the normal trash

These small actions allow us on the one hand to keep the park clean and a pleasant environment for all, but also and we hope that these instructions affect all our customers and that everyone takes these habits, necessary for the preservation of our planet !