Experience unique sensations in complete freedom!


The TrampÔforest® is a net course park installed in trees or on an artificial structure, outdoors or indoors. A place where acrobats can jump, run and play.

Bringing together the best of adventure trails, trampolines and playgrounds, our TrampÔforest® courses allow you to experience highly innovative aerial sensations while avoiding the constraints of using a harnesses.

Main benefits of our net course

  • A public leisure space: starting at 4 years old, friendly, enjoy discovering the canopy
  • Equipment free activity:  no briefing, no helmet and no harness
  • A profitable investment: low maintenance, few employees, enhanced safety and low incidence of accidents, guaranteed family satisfaction
  • Courses that can evolve and spaces that can change: our type of construction makes it easy to enlarge existing courses and give them a theme.

“One limit, your imagination”

Innovative, sustainable and tailor-made technical solutions

  • New type of anchoring onto trees in order not to impact the health of the trees
  • Neat and durable junctions
  • Integration of slides
  • Design and implementation of custom parts and structures

Durability and adaptability

  • Modules: Alternating wide spaces (giant halls or trampolines) and narrower walkways (suspended pathways)
  • Standards: Our facilities comply with the European standard EN 15567-1 relating to the construction of adventure parks
  • Materials: Anti-UV treated (knitted) knotless nets that offer exceptional mechanical properties. Many color choices: blue, green, red, orange, … polyester ropes

Our process

  • Specifications: understanding your needs and evaluating the feasibility of the project
  • Accurate on-site survey
  • Design conception on 3D software. Proposed quote
  • Phytosanitary study carried out by an independent expert
  • Module manufacturing in workshop, panel boards
  • Construction of TrampÔforest®, installation of panel boards
  • Security survey by a professional control officer
  • Operation: a detailed file allowing you to operate serenely the TrampÔforest®

Enjoy a bouncing adventure!