Discover Forêt Adrénaline in Carnac

A few minutes from the beaches and the mythical megalithic site of Carnac, the Forêt Adrénaline park welcomes you to this exceptional setting. In the heart of a 5 hectares forest, discover the acrobatic courses crisscrossing the treetops: 20 aerial courses, for children and adults alike, as well as TrampÔforest®, a gigantic hanging net area.

Since 2004, Forêt Adrénaline Carnac is composed of:

  • 20 acrobatic courses, 1 TrampÔforest® park composed of 3 areas, accessible from 2 years old
  • More than 280 challenges from 1 to 17 meters high
  • Continuous lifeline on all courses
  • Incentivizing challenges, and team building for all even as young as 2 years of age
  • A reception area composed of 200 m² of terrace
  • A dedicated area for seminars, team building and conferences

Let’s go back a bit :

  • In 2009:
    • Construction of a new net course: 25 aerial courses spread across more than 1 000m² of nets, accessible without a harness starting from 7 years old
  • In 2012:
    • 4 additional courses, accessible from 5 years old, equipped with continuous lifeline system
    • Construction of a reception building consisting of 200 m² of terrace, an amphitheater and sheltered areas
  • In 2015:
    • All courses are equipped with the continuous lifeline system
    • 1 net course for children under 7 years old
    • 2 adventure courses from 4 years old
    • 1 adventure course from 7 years old
  • In 2018:
    • 1 additional course, the “Girafe” course for 10 years old and over: the “black course for teenagers”
    • Construction of the gigantic TrampÔforest® park: consisting of 4 game areas on more than 2500 m² of nets