Builder and Supplier of exciting sensations

Since 2004 Forêt Adrenaline has a builder/operator and supplier for high adventure courses.  We offer many services tailored to meet your needs including sound environmental practices in developing your park. Ours services include : additional courses, installation of a continuous lifeline safety system, platform construction and maintenance, sale of equipment: nets, platforms, EPI (personal Protective Equipment )…

Our use and construction of double helmets allows us to offer you the most innovative products in compliance with safety regulations. We build according to the standard 15567-1 (standard for the construction of adventure parks) and work in close collaboration with an office dedicated to assuring safety standards in aerial parks.

Partnered with today’s leader in the use and construction of PAH(aerial parks) in western France we offer assistance from the initial planning until completion. And once your park is up an operating we can provide follow-up maintenance of your site.

Our expertise

  • Drawings and design of courses: taking into account your objectives and the constraints of the terrain,
  • Supply and installe: platforms, footholds, nets, gateways, LVC (new or refurbished), signage,
  • Operations: flow management, progression of courses, visitor trails, queues to courses
  • Supply EPI: operators and customers

Our process

  • Establishing the feasibility of the project: Proposed quote
  • Survey, taking measurements and pre-layout
  • Design: determine number of workshops and courses
  • Phytosanitary study
  • Establish a plan of action work order and schedule
  • Ordering materials
  • Installation of workshops
  • Supply of EPI for customers and operators
  • Security visit by a control officer
  • Training of operators, counseling and assistance for best operating practices
  • Follow-up and maintenance

Our strong points

  • Our eco-responsibility: untreated natural wood, optimized travel, local suppliers close to construction sites, recycling, …
  • Our gentle sloping climbs which considerably reduce the risk of falling, the waiting time for customers on the courses, and makes unnecessary the installation and maintenance of complex systems,
  • Our platforms (designed and developed by Forêt Adrénaline) offer many advantages: better water runoff , non-protruding outer edges, durable assembly, quick to install, easy to move, store, adjust and disassemble, spiral mounting possible, all construction processes are tree friendly
  • Our continuous lifeline safety systems: a specialty at Forêt Adrénaline. We work with recognized suppliers: Vert Voltige®, Coudoupro®, etc.),
  • Our fixation systems: our platforms are fixed to the tree trunk by straps that click in place. The hardware that secures the continuous lifeline safety system are attached either by metal slings or rubber hoses
  • Our numerous courses and games are suitable for all ages, heights and skill levels
  • Our nets and ropes: we have a wide range of nets and a wide choice of colours
  • Our equipment (designed and developed by Forêt Adrénaline): all differ depending on your needs,
  • Our individual protection equipment we use well known supplier such as Béal, Petzl, Cilao all certified CE,
  • Our extra value: great longevity, local products and environmentally friendly.

Some tips :

To set up an adventure park you need:
– A strategic location (resident or tourist population, road access )
– A minimum area of ​​1.5 hectares
– A minimum of 60 workshops
– A Parking lot
– A reception area

In addition, parks generally have 4 to 5 courses of increasing difficulty:
– Pitchoun for 2-4 years
– Green and blue for children and families
– Red and black for the most daring adults