Adventure Park

  • 2h30min of acrobatic courses
    with harness

From 8€

Adventure Park + TrampÔforest®

  • 2h30min of acrobatic courses with harness

  • +

    30min to 1h of games in the nets without harness

From 18€

TrampÔforest® + Casperd's Investigation

  • 1h of games in the nets without harness

  • +

    1 Casperd's Investigation

10€ per person

Forêt Adrénaline Carnac

The largest tree climbing park in the west

At the heart of unspoiled nature and 10 minutes from the menhirs and beaches of Carnac, the Forêt Adrénaline tree climbing park offers from 90 minutes to more than 3 hours of activity. From 2 years old, enjoy 20 acrobatic courses and a TrampÔforest® park (nets course without harness), from 1m to 17m high.

A family activity

Come, spend an unforgettable moment with family or friends, and go on our different fun activities at everyone’s own pace.

Forêt Adrénaline Carnac offers you 20 acrobatic courses adapted to all ages and levels. The family activity is accessible from 2 years old, the adventurers will be able to explore the courses dedicated to them. The park invites you to enjoy from 90 minutes and up to more than 3 hours of sensations in the heart of a forest between land and sea!

Forêt Adrénaline Carnac - Treetop adventure park - qualité tourisme

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Your safety first!

100% Adrenaline, 100% safety

Your safety is our priority! Tree climbing is a game but safety is not. The Forêt Adrénaline park in Carnac is constituted of 20 courses equipped with a continuous lifeline: Without ever unhooking yourself, climb to the top of the trees, slide on the ropes, jump, step over, and, most importantly, have fun!

Enjoy an unforgettable experience of more than 2 hours!

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