Welcome to the world of Pitchouns!

Pitchoun course allows your children to discover these new activities and learn how to climb trees using a harness and carabiners for the first time.

The acrobatic course

The acrobatic course is about 1 meter above the ground, which allows you to supervise them by following them through the course on the ground level, help them as they test their skills and watch them have fun. Consisting of 10 workshops/trails, these courses are ideal for children between 2 to 3 years old.

Every child is equipped with a harness and our trusty lifeline, which prevents them from ever falling. Our staff is always present to help you and your kid if you have any questions or problems!

The kids park

The universe of Pitchoun is also constituted of a recreational zone with several workshops on the ground: cage of squirrels in nets, bridges, zip line, slide, footbridges, ……
Without harness, children can jump, laugh, have fun romp freely, bounce in all directions, before taking the small slide … and go back!

The Nature Walk

The legend of Kandouta

In the heart of the forest of the largest adventure park in Brittany, there is a fun ride for 2-3 years!
Punctuated by activities “discovery of the senses”, the nature walk is organized around 8 workshops on the ground. Awakening and sensory activities will entertain children around a story full of twists!

Forêt Adrénaline Carnac - Pitchoun

Little climbers get high!

Accessible to everyone from 4 years old

These courses are a little more technical than the Pitchoun, they allow children to go higher in the trees to have fun.

All the climbers can do our 4 green acrobatic courses.

They are built especially for little children, the lowest course is above 1 meter in height and the most difficult one is 4 meters high, which allows children to test a wide range of difficulty.

Your child can climb all by himself and in complete safety thanks to our trusty lifeline.

Climb, swing, slide, and discover the joy of being up high in the trees, like little squirrels!

Parents can climb with their children or just stay on the ground and watch them have fun up in the trees. Mandatory Accompanying on Panda and Koala for kids between 4 and 6 y/o

Parents can also use these courses as a warm up before continuing on more difficult acrobatic courses

Kid 1 courses


The Kid 1 courses are accessible up to 30min before the park closes


These courses have a level of difficulty that is suitable for beginners and experts, with added ‘extensions’ that increase the level of difficulty. You will experience joyful adrenaline and take pleasure in these courses

Thanks to our trusty lifeline, your experience in the trees is completely safe. Feel free to let yourself slide down on 180 meters of zip-line over a lake! And find yourself in a unique activity like skating from tree to tree! Jump in a net or simply walk on a cable, all in the middle of a forest.

Our blue courses, are excellent for “reckless” children, relaxed parents, experts who wish to warm up, beginners to wish to push their limits, or just to enjoy yourself in tree tops.

Kid 2 courses

  • Lézard
  • Écureuil
  • Iguane
  • Maxi Tyro
  • Duel

Also access to KID 1 courses

The Kid 2 courses are accessible up to 30min before the park closes (exception for the duel and maxi tyro: up to 15 min)

Forêt Adrénaline_parcours loutre jeu des silouhettes_@Lemon Prod
Forêt Adrénaline_parcours Ouistiti frites en mousse_@Lemon Prod

For the brave, higher and higher!

Accessible to everyone from 10 years old!

Junior courses are a little bit more difficult.  For children 10 and older these aerial trails provide exciting challenges for both the beginners and experienced climbers. Climb ,swing and zip line.

With our state of the art harnesses and safety line you are completely safe in the the air.

Junior courses

  • Le “Tyros”
  • Chimpanzé
  • Serpent
  • Girafe
  • Gibbon

Access to Kid 1 and Kid 2 courses

  • Marmotte (kid 1)
  • Ouistiti (kid 1)
  • Panda (kid 1)
  • Koala (kid 1)
  • Lézard (kid 2)
  • Écureuil (kid 2)
  • Iguane (kid 2)
  • Maxi Tyro (kid 2)
  • Duel (kid 2)

The Junior courses are accessible until 30min before the closing of the park, except for the Giraffe and gibbon which are accessible until 1h before the closing of the park

Forêt Adrénaline_parcours Ouistiti_tyrolienne enfants_@Lemon Prod
Forêt Adrénaline_tyrolienne_ado@Imadgin
Forêt Adrénaline_tyrolienne enfant_@Lemon Prod

Welcome adrenaline lovers!

Accessible to more than 14 years!

Warm up first on the blue and red trails, before trying out our black trails

The black trails are the highest and most difficult of the park. They are accessible to adults and experienced teens over 14 years old.

Reserved for adrenaline addicts, these trails are the most difficult.

Adrenaline packed challenges which will require from you every ounce of strength and determination combined with fearlessness will give you the edge to master these feats.  And doing all this 17meters from the ground will give you an adrenaline rush like you’ve never experienced. The Guépard and Panthère noire aerial challenges await you.

Adulte courses

  • Super Tyro adulte (accessible until 15 min before the park closes)
  • Guépard (accessible until 30 min before the park closes)
  • Panthère noire (accessible until 1 hour before the park closes)

Access to Kid 1, Kid 2 and Junior courses too

Forêt Adrénaline_tyrolienne_vitesse@Imadgin
Forêt Adrénaline_jeu des marteaux_@IMADGIN