FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other parks?

Forêt Adrénaline” in Carnac. “Gayeulles” close to Rennes and “Corsaire Adventure” in Saint-Père near Saint-Malo.

Are reservations needed?

You can make a reservation without any cost to you and stil enjoy some saving my reserving on line. Or feel free to contact us at 02 90 84 00 20 (Carnac), 07 81 40 78 11 (Saint-Père), 06 31 05 57 80 (Rennes) between the hours of.

Which means of payment are accepted?

How does the loyalty card work?

After 100€ purchase get 20% discount on your next arrival! It is free and you can pick it up at the checkout.

Are their any age limits?

There are courses for different ages starting at 2yrs old.

What are the parking options? Is there a charge for parking?

There is free parking at the entrance to the park and bicycle parking just before reception. Disabled and camper places are also reserved for you.

How long will it take to get there? 

It all depends on what you want to do, but first think about coming 15 minutes before the time you want to be equipped and advised before leaving on the courses.

  • 2h30 Adventure Park
  • Adventure Park + TrampÔforest® 2h30 + 30min to 1h
  • TrampÔforest® + treasure hunt until 2h

I have a disability, can I climb trees?

Yes, we welcome people with disabilities: mental, visual, auditory and motor. Climbing in the trees can be done under certain conditions.

  • The person must be able to carry out the activity independently because the operators are present for all the participants.
  • For more information, do not hesitate to call us.
  • In case of impossibility to do the activity, we will refund your registration at the end of the test courses.

Do I need any special equipment?

We provide safety equipment (harnesses). You don’t need a helmet and glovesfor the activity. However, you can bring your own equipment (helmet and gloves) if you wish. Otherwise we sell gloves at the reception desk at a price of €3 per pair.

We advise you to wear a sporty and casual outfit.
Footwear that does not hold the ankle, skirts, dresses and heels are prohibited. Hair must be tied.
Piercings as well as T-shirts or tank tops revealing the belly are STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

In case of rain don’t forget your K-Way.

In case of rain, is the activity feasible?

Thunderstorm or heavy rain can change park opening times…

A weather check is done daily in the morning for the afternoon.

If it rains, the activity will continue and you will be able to climb in the trees because they protect you from the rain. If it rains too much, we will temporarily stop the activity, waiting for a lull, for your safety. In case of storm the park closes.

Is there a picnic area?

Sheltered tables are at your disposal on our park.

Is there any thing for purchase?

We sell regional biscuits and local, fresh, non-alcoholic and bio beverages. Don’t forget your water bottle because there is no drinking water point in the park.

Can I bring food or drinks? 

This is possible and sorting bins are at your disposal in the park.

Does everybody pay?

Only people who use the climbing structures pay. If you accompany climbers it’s free for you.

Are there any interesting things to see or do if I stay for a walk in the forest while waiting for my children?

Exhibitions are set up in the park, you can follow your children/friends on the courses from the ground.

You can also take a walk in the forest or relax on the deckchairs made available to you and read a book quietly while sipping a cold drink.

During certain periods, you can also come and pick up the many mushrooms or chestnuts.

Can we come to the park with a dog / cat?

Pets are welcome at the park as long as they are on a leash.

Is there a place where I can leave my things?

Free lockers are available at the equipment platform to put your stuff during the activity.

What is the height of the games? 

Enjoy 19 adventure courses from 1m to 17m high and a TrampÔforest® park up to 10m high (net courses without harnesses).

Are there accompanying requirements?

All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Accompanying adults must remain in the park with the child.

Children 15 &17 years old do not need an accompanying adult, but the responsible adult must sign a waiver.

Children between 2 and 4 must be supervised by an adult at all times. This course is designed for the adult accompany the child from the ground. The accompanying adult doesn’t pay an admission fee. If two adults accompany the child you can each take turns looking after the child and participating in an the adult activity. You will only pay for one adult entry in this case. However the security briefing will be obligatory for both adults.

Children between 4 and 6, climbing the “Ouistiti” and “Marmotte” it is necessary for you to accompany them from the ground. There is no entrance fee for this. If your child climbs the “Panda” or “Koala” course we advise you to climb with him. In this case you will only pay a “Kid1” accompanying entrance fee(10 euros).  In groups of 2 or more adults only one adults gets the “Kid1” fee. The other adults pay full entrance fee if they are going to climb.

Children 7 and older can climb independently. An adult can accompany them by paying a reduced fee “Kid2”.This fee schedule allows for the adult to climb all of the courses as long as one adult stays with the child.

How restrictive are the age categories?

If the child or teenager is between two age groups or wants to follow the upper age group, they may be able to move into the upper age group under certain conditions:

  • Be more of a sportsman/have already done the activity
  • Have a minimum size
  • Being accompanied
  • Visible by one of our operators on a route to be able to make the routes intended for the higher category.
    -Have the agreement of the person in charge.

In that case, we will have to go back to reception to pay an additional fee.

Is the safety course required every time?

Safety video and briefing is required once a year even if you have done the course the same year, but in  a different park. If you have already done it at THIS park you must notify the associate in the ticket booth.

Be ready to attend the safety course on time if not you will have to wait until the next group departure. We recommend that you be there 15 minutes early as all harnesses will be put on before the safety course begins. We cannot delay the departure times and if possible you will be able to depart with the next group depending on available space in the next group. So to be sure you don’t loose your reservation  please be on time.

I’m late for departure, how’s it going?

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the departure time for collection and dressing… because to time of departure, all customers are equipped and the briefing begins.

If you arrive late we will do our best but it is possible, that depending on the attendance, we we have to move you to the next departure (10 minutes minimum waiting). There is also a risk that you may not be able to participate in this activity. day if all departures are complete or if this is the last departure of the day. On the other hand, your reservation is made without payment on account, we are in a relationship of trust with our customers but we cannot keep and guarantee your reservation beyond 15 minutes late. For your comfort and the respect of other customers, thank you for being time or early to enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

What happens if my child doesn’t meet the height requirement?

If the child wishes to take a course in his category but does not have the required size, he may be able to access it on one condition: ask the permission of one of the facilitators present.
We recommend that he be accompanied in height by a person of the right size so that this one helps him to evolve on the course.

Am I really safe in your acrobatic park? What security system do you have in your park?

A video briefing + an initiation supervised by a qualified Operator will be given to you.

In our park we operate with the continuous safety line system on all courses. This allows you to be attached from the beginning of the course to the end and to practice the activity in complete safety. You have no way of unhooking yourself without the intervention of an Operator, unlike the double carabiner system.

A forest expert and a game control expert check the site every year and we are audited regularly by DDCS.

Finally, Forêt Adrénaline company employs and trains state-of-the-art builders (we build tree climbing and net courses in France and abroad.

What is the maximum weight for tree climbing?

We rely on a weight of 110kg, the morphology of the person and as well as his physical form (regular sports activity)

What are your prices?

We are a company and would like to privatize all or part of the park, is that possible? 

For companies or a group of +15 people, please make your reservation request on the contact form by clicking on the “contact us” button on our site https://www.foretadrenaline.com or by calling us.

What are the repayment conditions?

To be reimbursed, you must contact the park by email or phone or directly at the reception desk.

Any person who, after the explanations of the safety instructions, does not feel physically or morally capable of performing alone and correctly the manipulations necessary for an autonomous evolution, must renounce the practice of the activity. The same applies to anyone who has not passed the practical assessment on initiation. No refund is granted after these 2 conditions.

What are the complaint procedures?

Any complaint must be addressed to the Forêt Adrénaline or Corsaire Aventure parks customer service :
– at the reception desk or
– at carnac@foretadrenaline.com / rennes@foretadrenaline.com / corsaire-aventure@foretadrenaline.com or
– by phone : +33 9 62 02 42 99 (carnac) / +33 6 31 05 57 80 (rennes) / +33 7 81 40 78 11 (corsaire).
After entering the customer relations department and failing to a satisfactory response within 60 days, the customer can contact the Tourism and Travel mediator, whose contact details and referral methods are available on his site: www.mtv.travel

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