Acrobatic courses Kid 1, acces from 4 years

Sailors gain height!

KID1 courses are designed and built for pirates. Before boarding, the children are all equipped with a continuous safety line. Our aerial trails guarantee you a 100%safety! Of increasing height and difficulty, the Captain and the crew will accompany the children on their aerial obstacle course. Parents are welcome to join so that the whole family can spend a day together!

Open to everyone !

The KID1 courses are accessible to all, small sailors and great pirates, whether to warm up, have fun, to accompany the youngest or to relax after braving the Jack Sparrow course, you are all welcome on our 3 courses!

KID1 course

  • Matelot
  • P’tit pirate
  • Moussaillon
kid1 filets
kid1 luge

Acrobatic courses Kid 2, acces from 7 years

Forward explorers!

The Peter Pan and Explorer trails are of increasing difficulty.Ranging in height from 1 to 7 meters, the KID 2 courses combine thrills and challenges for all skill levels.

Embark and fight the storms by climbing the masts.

Technical workshops await you, but also more unusual, not to mention our beautiful zip lines where you fly over the lower trails.

The continuous safety line guarantees you maximum security, so you can enjoy yourself freely. Parents can climb with their children so that the whole family can enjoy a day together!

Who could refuse climbing to save Wendy? Or run at full speed between the mats to explore the view of Fort Saint-Père?

Calling all good pirates!

KID2 course

  • Explorateur
  • Peter Pan

Access to KID1 courses

  • Matelot
  • P’tit Pirate
  • Moussaillon
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parcours iguane skate
entree de parcours corsaire aventure

Acrobatic courses Junior, acces from 10 years

More and more high !

No matter what kind of explorer you are, courageous, wary, impetuous this is the adventure for you. Less difficult than the black courses, and a little more daring than the blue courses, you will appreciate the various tasks proposed at the summit of the masts of Captain Wood’s ship.

Of what to amaze you

Enjoy moments of sensational emotions! Between ladders, suspended nets, and other unusual challenges of the red coursewhich overlooksand the park offers a breathtaking view of Fort St Père (Vauban Fort of the 18th century). Young and old, immerse yourself in the local history of Saint-Malo!

Parents can climb with their children so that the whole family can enjoy a day together!

Come experience the excitement of the 200 meter zip lines over moat of the fort! You will become accomplished Pirate!

Junior course

  • Rackham le Rouge
  • Tyro corsaire
  • Boulet de canon

Access to KID1 and KID2 courses

  • Moussaillon (KID1)
  • P’tit Pirate (KID1)
  • Moussaillon (KID1)
  • Peter Pan (KID2)
  • Explorateur (KID2)
parcours lézard
Balls Corsaire Adventure
saut de tarzan corsaire aventure

Acrobatic courses Adult, acces from 14 years

Welcome adrenaline lovers!

After having warmed up on the blue and red courses, face our black courses … Requiring physical strength, determination, will and courage, the stages of these trails culminate over 14meters

2 courses, 2 real challenges

Challenge yourself by climbing and climbing the highest and most challenging mountains in the park. Experience moments of thrillsi n the heart of Fort Saint-Père! Return to the 18th century and defend the Fort against English attacks. Confirmed sailors, glide from mast to mast like old “pirates”!

Do you dare to attack Jack Sparrow or Black Pearl? Corsair Adventure will have no secrets for you!

Adventurers of the Navy, are you ready? Go on an adventure!

Adult courses

  • Jack Sparrow
  • Black Pearl

Access to KID1, KID2 and Junior courses

  • Matelot (KID1)
  • Peter Pan (KID2)
  • Explorateur (KID2)
  • Rackham le Rouge (Junior)
  • Tyro Corsaire (Junior)
  • Boulet de canon (Junior)
tyro corsaire aventure
parcours marmotte