Annual Pass

With the annual pass you can come as many times as you want during the whole year 2019 in all the Forêt Adrénaline Park (Carnac-Rennes and St Malo).

Your friends also get 2€ off if you come with them

Annual pass

Annual Pass prices*

Adventure Park

  • Adult (From 14 years old) : 45€
  • Junior (From 10 years old) : 45€
  • Kid 2 (From 7 years old) : 40€
  • Kid 1 (From 4- years old) : 30€

30€ More to have a pass for the Adrenaline Option (Adventure Park + TrampÔforest®, from 4 y/o).

* Only on morning departure during weeks of July and august, the whole day during week-ends.


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